Ready. Set. Quit.

Staying motivated is critical for employees who are trying to quit smoking and smokeless tobacco.  And remembering their reasons for quitting is one way to help them stay on track.  Use these materials to help them do just that.

Informative Articles

36 Reasons (doc)
Quit smoking for good (doc)
Second-hand smoke (doc)
Third-hand smoke (doc)
The truth about “light” cigarettes (doc)
The power in a little tin can (doc)
Be a quitter (doc)
Things that about smokeless tobacco that make you say “hmm?” (doc)

Colorful Posters

Smash (pdf)
Dip (pdf)
Chemistry (pdf)

Helpful Links

These links provide access to more helpful information on kicking the habit. Topics range from overcoming the challenges of quitting, like handling cravings and boredom, to staying smoke-free for good. Use this information to complement any other smoking cessation program currently available to your employees.

Smoke-free for Everyone

Smoke-free Women

National Cancer Institute


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