Osteoporosis in Men

This isn’t just a woman’s disease. Men need to take care of their bones too. Get more info here.

Informative Articles:

What Causes Osteoporosis? (doc)
Preventing Osteoporosis? (doc)
Osteoporosis Treatment (doc)
Men & Osteoporosis (doc)

Testicular Cancer

Affecting men mostly between the ages of 20 and 39, testicular cancer is highly curable if detected early. Share this important info. with employees today.

Informative Articles:

Testicular Cancer Facts (doc)
Testicular Cancer Q&A (doc)
What Are TSE’s? (doc)

Prostate Cancer

Men 50+ should talk to their doctor about this type of cancer and when to be screened.

Informative Articles:

Prostate Cancer Facts (doc)
Prostate Cancer Prevention (doc)
Prostate Cancer Symptoms (doc)

Colorectal Cancer

Men 50+ should be screened for this type of cancer – especially African Americans.

Informative Articles:

Colorectal Cancer Prevention (doc)
Colorectal Cancer Symptoms (doc)
Flyer: Colorectal Cancer Screening (pdf)


Another top health threat, men can learn their risks and the warning signs of brain attack.

Informative Articles:

Activity & Stroke Risk (doc)
What is a Stroke? (doc)
Stroke Risks (doc)
Stroke is an Emergency (doc)
Diet & Stroke Risk (doc)
Recipe for Stroke (doc)
Stroke Treatment (doc)
After a Stroke (doc)
Stroke Symptoms (doc)

Quit Tobacco

It’s never too late to stop smoking and using chew. Quitting can produce immediate health benefits.

Informative Articles:

Quit Smoking for Good (doc)
The Power in a Little Tin Can (doc)
Be a Quitter (doc)

Other important info for guys to know:

Video Clips
“Real Men Wear Gowns”
A humorous take on the serious subject of middle-aged men’s check ups and health. Share this link with the men in your organization to let them know that real men take care of themselves by getting the exams they need.

Men In Gowns -15 Second (wmf)
Men In Gowns - 30 Second (wmf)

Produced by the AdCouncil for the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. http://www.ahrq.gov/realmen/watchvideos.htm

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Watch Cholesterol (doc)
Men: Tips for 5-to-9 For Better Health (doc)
Clyde Drexler: 5-to-9 a Day for Men’s Health (doc)
Flyer: Men-Stay Healthy At Any Age (pdf)
Fact Sheet: Latinos & Diabetes (pdf)
Fact Sheet: African Americans & Diabetes (pdf)
Screening Guidelines for Men (pdf)

Colorful Posters:

Fins (pdf)
Highway (pdf)
Little Reasons – 1 (pdf)
Little Reasons – 2 (pdf)
Your Way (pdf)
Smash the Habit (pdf)
Dip (pdf)
Chemistry (pdf)
Anyone (pdf)
Race (pdf)
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