Healthy Eating Articles

Is your healthy food packing a big calorie punch? Read more...
Diet-Busting Foods (doc)

A healthy snack or alternative to meat - go nuts for nutrition. Read more...
Nuts for Good Health (doc)

Purple, white, red, green... the colors of better health. Read more...
Colorful Foods are Powerful Foods (doc)

Can what you eat really affect your vision? Details here...
Eat Well for Healthier Eyesight (doc)

Beans! Beans! They really are good for your heart. Details here...
Eating Beans Helps Lower Cholesterol (doc)

Rediscover the simple pleasure of eating well. Here's how...
Feed Yourself Well (doc)

Controlling the course of disease, one meal at a time. Read on...
Good Nutrition Basics (doc)

Can't get a healthy snack at the Stop-n-Go? Think again. Read more...
Making Better Food Services Choices (doc)

Yes, you can still have dessert and follow a healthy eating plan. Read on...
Top 7 Myths vs. Realities of Healthy Eating (doc)

What are you really eating? Better check the label. Read more...
Reading Nutrition Labels (doc)

Love carbs? Make them part of your healthy eating plan. Read on...
Understanding Carbohydrates (doc)

Blood mud: The good and bad of cholesterol. More...
Understanding Cholesterol (doc)

Fats are back! Just choose the best kind.
Understanding Fats (doc)

It's what gives cauliflower its shape. And can help your shape too. Read more...
Understanding Fiber (doc)

Better health from A to Zinc. More...
Understanding Vitamins and Minerals (doc)

How can a baseball or a CD help you determine portion sizes? Details... What's a "Serving"? (doc)

Healthy Eating Sample Label

Want to know more about reading a food label? Check out this diagram...
Sample Food Label (doc)

Healthy Eating Posters

Print and display these colorful, engaging posters in highly visible areas of your worksite.
Spice of Life (pdf)
Reading Food Labels (pdf)
Portion Control (pdf)
Pass On the Salt (pdf)
Well-Carbohydrated (pdf)
Savor the Season (doc)
Clyde Drexler's 5-to-9 Tips (doc)
Men: 5-to-9 For Better Health (doc)

Healthy Eating Payroll Stuffers

What a great place to insert some healthy info. for your employees.
Reading Food Labels (pdf)

Healthy Eating Recipes

Entrees, soups and desserts, Oh, My! Tasty dishes with your heart in mind. Click and share today...
Entrees: Zucchini Lasagna (doc)
Entrees: Stir Fried Beef and Vegetables (doc)
Side Dishes: Classic Macaroni and Cheese (doc)
Side Dishes: Sweet Potato Custard (doc)
Desserts: Apple Coffee Cake (doc)
Desserts: Banana Mousse (doc)
Appetizers and Soups: Corn Chowder (doc)
Healthy Cooking Tips (doc)

Lunch Well Turnkey Nutrition Program:

“What’s For Lunch?”  Find out how that question can help your business.

Lunch Well Promotional Materials

Employer Guide
This informational booklet explains the benefits of the Lunch Well program and how to effectively implement the program within your organization.

Introduction to Lunch Well Flyer (for employees) (PDF)
As you launch the Lunch Well program within your company, use this short introductory flyer to help promote the program’s concept and value to your employees.  Provide a copy to each employee (hard copy or email) and/or include the information in other internal wellness publications or other communications vehicles.

Cafeteria & Break Room Point-of-Sale Signage:
These colorful, engaging signs remind employees that a variety of foods at lunch can have positive health effects.  Display these signs in company cafeterias, break rooms, or any other highly-visible area.  These 11 x 17 signs come printed on gloss paper stock and can be finished as free-standing easel-backed signs for easy display.  Consider framing them for more eye-catching wall displays.
Energy Burst (pdf)
Heartfelt Thanks (pdf)
Waist Not (pdf)
High Octane (pdf)
Power up (pdf)
Delicious (pdf)
Brighten (pdf)

Vending Machine Point-of-Sale Signage:
These fun, color static-cling stickers can be easily adhered to any vending machine to get employees’ attention and encourage them to choose foods wisely.  Affix a different sticker to each vending machine in your organization.
Hunger (pdf)
Stress (pdf)

Portion Control Chart (illustrated)
The key to healthful eating is choosing the right portions from each food group.  This 11 x 17 color chart illustrates how the palm of the hand can help approximate serving sizes without measuring cups and food scales.  Provide a copy of this chart to each employee (hard copy or email) and/or post several in highly visible areas including break rooms, refrigerators, or near microwaves.
How Much Is A Serving? (pdf)

Food Groups Variety Posters:
This engaging series of posters highlights each of the five basic food groups and many tasty, healthful varieties within each.  These 11 x 17 posters can easily be displayed in on-site break rooms, cafeterias, fitness centers, or any other highly visible area.  Also available as 22 x 28 posters.  Each sign comes printed on gloss paper stock and can be finished as free-standing, easel-backed signs for easy display.  For more impact, consider printing and framing the larger format posters to create a colorful break room display.
Dairy (pdf)
Grains (pdf)
Fruits (pdf)
Vegetables (pdf)
Meats (pdf)

Tip Sheets
Whether bringing lunch from home or dining out, these tip sheets can help employees become more aware of the most nutritious options for lunch.  Consider providing a different topic to employees each week as part of your Lunch Well program launch.  Staggering these communications can help create interest and keep employees motivated to make healthier food choices.
"Aware" Foods (pdf)
Fast Lane (pdf)
Low-fat Cooking (pdf)
Menu Ordering (pdf)
Packing a Lunch (pdf)
Multiple Lunches (pdf)
Physical Activity (pdf)
Vending (pdf)

Shopping Planning Guide (pdf)
This 11 x 17 chart lists each food group and clearly highlights the serving sizes to aim for at lunch time.  Shopping and helpful preparation tips are included.  Provide a copy of this chart to each employee and/or post several copies in highly visible areas of your workplace.

Lunch Journal
This lunch journal page can be a powerful tool to help your employees: 1) remember to select from each of the five food groups; 2) monitor their portions; and 3) increase their activity level.  Provide a copy of this journal page to employees, and/or make several copies and keep a supply of them in a common area where employees are more likely to take a few. Two sizes available:
Lunch Journal – 8.5 x 11 (pdf)
Lunch Journal – 11 x 17 (pdf)

Lunch Well Logo (jpg)
Use the Lunch Well logo in your internal wellness communications vehicles as a brand identifier when promoting the program to employees.