State of New Hampshire Site of Service Benefit Option

Use your Site of Service benefit option to avoid paying a deductible on lab tests and outpatient surgery. Here's how it works:
Lab_Test Lab Tests
Your doctor wants you to get a lab test. If you use one of the labs listed on Anthem's Find a Doctor tool, you pay $0 deductible. Whether you need a blood, urine or strep test, you have no out of pocket cost. That means no deductible or copay.
Finding a Site of Service Lab Location
You can also call the Designated Service Unit at 800-933-8415 for assistance.
Outpatient Surgery Outpatient Surgery
Your doctor asks you to get a routine outpatient service, like knee arthroscopy. If you use a Site of Service ambulatory surgery center (ASC) for same-day surgery, you will not pay a deductible for the covered service.*
Finding a Site of Service Outpatient Surgery/ASC Location
You can also call the Designated Service Unit at 800-933-8415 for assistance.
From taking out your appendix to taking out your tonsils, Site of Service can save you money. View our member flyer to learn more and see a list of frequently asked questions!
Fitness Facilities Participating Fitness Facilities
Now is the time to start thinking about your fitness and weight management goals.Print a list of participating fitness facilities for State of New Hampshire members.
Some Site of Service locations may also be Vitals SmartShopper cost effective providers. Use a Site of Service location that is also a SmartShopper provider and pay no deductible and earn an incentive! Check by calling SmartShopper at 800-824-9127 or shopping on the SmartShopper website.
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* Additional services may be required at the ASC as part of your surgery or procedure and be subject to deductible and/or coinsurance. An example of such a service is pathology (the study and diagnosis of a disease) or work that is not sent to one of the labs found on Anthem's Find a Doctor tool.