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Chamber BlueOptions® starts with the strength of
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans.

You get a lot of coverage-- Including FREE preventive care covered at 100% --

Every Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan for small businesses in Maine includes coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, outpatient care, emergency care, free preventive care covered at 100% — and many also come with strong prescription drug coverage. Every Anthem plan also comes with easy-to-use online tools for you and your employees.

Healthy employees are good for business
You probably know that healthy employees can save you money. When employees aren’t as healthy as they could be, it can take a financial toll on a small business – from loss of productivity, higher claims costs and more. That's why every Anthem plan includes benefits and services that encourage your employees to be their healthiest.

  •   Annual routine physicals
  •   Well baby and well child care
  •   Immunizations
  •   Routine eye exams
  •   Annual diabetes eye exam
  •   Various routine cancer screenings
  •   Discounts on products and services that support healthy lifestyles
  •   Personalized health information and tools at

Wellness tools and programs
And all Chamber BlueOptions plans come with discounts on products and services that encourage better health, as well as online health and wellness programs. You can offer even more healthy support when you tap into our worksite wellness programs.

  •   Anthem Care Comparison
  •   Anthem Specialty Benefits Solutions
  •   Anthem Health Care Reform Portal
  •   Anthem Time Well Spent

No matter which Chamber BlueOptions plan employees pick, they'll have access to a strong network of doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals across Maine.

Employees who enroll in a PPO or PPO HSA plan that utilizes our BlueChoice® network, have out-of-state and worldwide coverage for routine care, urgent care and emergencies through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association's BlueCard Program.

Dental — Our plans provide easy access to care. Visit any dentist, any time. A commitment to claims accuracy and customer service means we have your members covered.

Life — Employees can count on prompt, easy benefit payments and excellent service. But our job doesn’t end there. We provide your employees and their beneficiaries with support services and tools they can use now. Our Resource Advisor support program includes services like online will preparation, identity theft protection, face-to-face counseling and 24/7 telephone support after a loss, and more.

Disability — You can help your employees get back to health, back to work and back to life. They receive prompt benefit payments and dedicated support services and tools. Plus, we integrate short-term disability claim services with your 360° Health ConditionCare and Future Moms programs. So you can make sure your employees get all the services from their benefit plan — helping them improve their health, recover from a disability, and return to their active life. For more on our specialty products, visit

But we create special advantages and savings designed to give small business chamber members an extra edge.

Every health plan for small businesses requires that a certain percentage of eligible employees participate.

This can be a big deal to help you qualify for all the benefits of group health.

That means someone who wants the richest coverage possible for them and their family can choose one plan, but it doesn’t prevent someone else whose needs are different from choosing a plan that’s right for them. As the head of your business, you already have your share of tough decisions. You don't have to choose health coverage that favors one employee over another.


What you need to enroll in Chamber BlueOptions

Chamber BlueOptions is available only to members of any chamber of commerce in Maine. If you're already a chamber member, contact your chamber for proof of membership. If you're not a chamber member, here's a list of regional and local chambers.

To enroll in Chamber BlueOptions, you are required to join the Maine State Chamber Purchasing Alliance, Inc. This assessment form enables you to join and submit your $50 annual assessment fee.



Maine's small businesses are key to our state's well-being —
accounting for a significant share of economic production and
hiring.1 The Maine State Chamber and Anthem believe that
supporting small businesses in Maine is a great way to make
a difference for the health of our state and communities.