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Q: Do I have to go paperless?
A. Not at all. The choice to go paperless or stick with paper claim summaries is up to the subscriber. But going paperless is a great option. It’s easy to do — and in September and October, it can help the American Cancer Society save lives.


Q. Why should I choose to go paperless?
A. Going paperless:
  • Helps the American Cancer Society save lives.
    • Their work has created 350 more birthdays each day that otherwise would have been lost to cancer.
    • They educate all of us on ways we can stay well and help prevent cancer.
    • They help people get well, by offering free places to stay and support for cancer patients getting care.
    • They work to find cures by funding groundbreaking cancer research – more than any other nongovernmental organization.
    • And they empower people everywhere to fight back against the disease.
  • Helps you be safe because you'll be able to see your claims information in a safe, online site that's protected by a password you pick.
  • Helps you get more organized because you'll have less mail to sort and no paper claim summaries to file. And you'll still be able to see your claims information online 24/7.
  • Helps you feel proud because you’ll take a step toward using less paper and helping the environment.


Q. When do I need to decide to go paperless in order for Anthem to make a contribution to the American Cancer Society on my behalf?
A. In September or October 2011.


Q. How much will Anthem give to the American Cancer Society?

A. For every subscriber who chooses to go paperless during September or October, Anthem will contribute $1 to the American Cancer Society on their behalf, up to $100,000.


Q. How do I choose to go paperless?

A. Going paperless is fast and simple.

  • Go to anthem.com/ca and log in.
  • Click on "Profile."
  • Scroll down the page and click the "Go Paperless" option.

Please note that only the subscriber/policyholder — the person who signed up for the policy — of the health benefits plan can make this choice.


Q. I'm a member, but not the subscriber or policyholder. Can I choose to go paperless just for my claim summaries?

A. No. Only the subscriber/policyholder can choose to stop getting paper claim summaries. But after a subscriber makes this change, all of the subscriber's dependents will also automatically stop getting paper claim summaries. Dependents over age 17 who want to see their health claim summaries online can register for the secure member website.


Q. After I log in, where can I see my medical claim summaries?

A. You can log in to our website and see the information from the secure member site's "Plans and Benefits" page.

  • Log in to anthem.com/ca.
  • Select "Plans and Benefits."
  • Scroll down the page and click on a claim to check.
  • To check a claim summary you would have received in the mail, click on "View Claim Recap" or "View Explanation of Benefits."


You must be registered to log in. If you're not signed up already, you'll need to do that first before choosing to go paperless. All you need to do that is your member ID card. Click the "Register Now" option and follow the steps to sign up.


Q. Why are paperless claim summaries only available for medical claims and not other kinds of claims?

A. We work on specialty benefits claims in a different way than how we work on medical claims. We may offer paperless claim summaries for specialty claims in the future.


Q. Will I be able to see a history of my claim summaries? If so, how far back will the history go?

A. Yes, you can see summaries for care or services you had as far back as two years from the day you log in online.


Q. What if I need a claim summary for care or services I got more than two years ago?

A. You can call the Customer Service phone number on your member ID card for help.