Five simple ways you can trim your health care costs — while getting the care you need.


See doctors and hospitals in your network and save. When you stay "in-network", you can get high-quality care and you’ll likely pay a lower portion of the cost. Use Find a Doctor to find one in your area.


Shop around for the best price
. Lab tests, scans, X-rays and even procedures like colonoscopies and knee replacements can vary widely in price. Example: An MRI can cost $300 or $3000, depending on where you go. That can make a big difference, even if you’re only paying a portion of the cost.


Use generic or over-the-counter drugs rather than brand-name, when possible. They can cost less and can work just as well. Talk to your doctor about making the switch.


Find a good doctor and get your checkups, shots and tests.
This type of "preventive" care is often covered at no cost. Keeping up on this care can help you stay healthy — and even catch problems early when they’re easier and less costly to treat. See the types of preventive care your doctor will likely recommend.


Find a local Urgent Care Center.
When you need non-emergency care quickly and can’t get in to see your doctor, go to an urgent care center, retail health clinic or a walk-in doctor’s office instead of the ER. You could save hundreds of dollars on a visit. Use our Find Urgent Care tool to find one in your area.

Making sure you get the care you and your family needs is so important. But with these tips, you don’t have to sacrifice quality health care to save money